Tetra Financial Provides Aid to Antahala Orphanage Hit Hard by Hurricane

By June 28, 2017Article

In March of 2017, an intense tropical hurricane hit the city of Antahala, Madagascar in full force. This included a small orphanage sponsored by Tetra Financial Group, a national equipment finance company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Tetra Financial received word from Sister Martha who runs the orphanage, that while the lives of the children and volunteers living at the orphanage were not harmed, the hurricane left monumental damage in its wake.

During the storm, the school Saint Louis de Gonzague, located in the orphanage, fell. The doors, the garage and roof went flying and disappeared.  Thieves arrived shortly thereafter and took advantage, stealing as much as they could. Three classrooms were completely destroyed, decried as a loss, and not usable in the immediate future.

Throughout the ordeal, Sister Martha remained positive, stating, “Dear friends, we are buried but still alive; isolated but not alone or abandoned if God is with us. Hope keeps us alive.” The tenacity of this volunteer and the commitment to the Antahala Orphanage spurred Tetra Financial’s non-profit organization, Tetra Gives, to make another large donation to assist in rebuilding, providing supplies, and inspire a renewed hope that life as they once knew can be restored.

At the core, Tetra Financial goes beyond finding answers to help businesses with their complex financing needs. They also endeavor to make a real difference in peoples’ lives no matter what the situation may be, hence, Tetra Gives and the amazing support it lends to communities around the globe.

If you would like to assist in the efforts with Antahala, please reach out to Ryan Secrist, Executive Vice President at tetrafinancial.gives.

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