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By April 4, 2017Video

Tetra Financial provides contributions to a small orphanage in Madagascar.

Tetra Financial Group, a national equipment finance company located among the beautiful mountains of the Intermountain West, has been helping businesses throughout the United States meet their growing equipment needs for over two decades. As a national company committed to finding solutions for company’s critical business needs, Tetra Financial decided to start Tetra Gives, a non-profit organization dedicated to carrying that same mantra to communities both nationally and internationally. “Our commitment to finding answers goes beyond business, it’s a core value of making a difference in people’s lives no matter what the situation may be.” Says Ryan Secrist, Executive Vice President.

In late 2016 the Executive Board at Tetra Financial, reviewed a number of opportunities to offer resolution to critical needs across the globe. “The orphanage in Antalaha Madagascar just jumped out at us,” Ryan said. “One of our business partners who had recently visited the area, introduced us to the disparaging conditions of the orphanage and after careful review, we decided this would be our 2016 Tetra Gives project. We felt we could really solve a desperate condition that could have huge impacts on the future economy of this area.” Madagascar is a Country with rich resources and untapped potential, with most of its people living in poverty. Poor management in the 1970’s created an economic collapse, yet hope still remains, and slowly the economy is making a comeback.

Against this backdrop, many children are orphaned and come to live and be educated in Antalaha, an orphanage run by local Nuns. The daily routine of the children consists of rising early, doing housekeeping chores, preparing the morning meal, attending classroom studies, finishing homework, and more chores before bed. While the compound is neat and organized, plumbing and several structures needed repair. School supplies needed to be restocked and all of the mattresses replaced in the sleeping area. Indeed, an enthusiastic crowd of both children and adults greeted the Tetra Gives delivery of much needed resources and help.

The goal for this project was to improve the living environment to induce better learning conditions. “We see the orphanage as a microcosm of the whole country,” Secrist says. “If we can improve their educational surroundings, and give them an environment that encourages learning, this in turn gives them a chance to make positive contributions to their community and country.”

In an ever-changing global economy, businesses need to be creative and adaptive. Tetra Financial Group and Tetra Gives demonstrate that the answer to help companies and communities grow and flourish is finding solutions, one obstacle at a time.

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